I was a NCAA division 1 wrestler for Marquette university, an Espoir Greco-Roman All-American, and also wrestled for Eastern Illinois University before I injured my back while training. After several months of struggle, working with the trainer with no success, the head orthopedist sent me for a Lumbar MRI.  The next week the orthopedist read my MRI. He said I had a disc bulge and L4-L5, and a Disc Herniation at L5-S1. He recommended Pain killers, muscle relaxers, and surgery. I was not a doctor yet, but I knew that I was not having back pain and sciatic pain because of an Opioid Deficiency, So I was not going to chase these symptoms, no matter how disabled I was.  I asked him would he do surgery on both discs? He said no, he said only do surgery on the L5-S1 disc herniation. I asked what guarantee did I have that if he did surgery on the herniation, the L4-L5 bulge would not fail next?  He said, “Son, there are no guarantees!!! …… But, you are a great candidate for this surgery.”  I’m 21 years old, in the best shape of my life, I’m a great candidate for brain surgery, it does mean I need it.  Out of Desperation I got a referral from a friend to her chiropractor. Dr. Charles Shuester, in Charleston, IL. Well he did an exam, took some films, showed me what was wrong, and explained the adjustment.  All I remember is thinking as he turned me on my side to adjust my lower back, was if he hurts me I am going to roll over and die.  You see I had nothing left, I was mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted…..  And of course, it did not hurt, it actually felt better, within 3 months I was back in the gym, within 6 months I was pain free and 80% strength.  Dr. Shuester my chiropractor Saved my life, saved me from surgery, saved me from dangerous and possibly addictive pain medication.  I knew that this is what I wanted to do with my life. Take care of patients with specific corrective chiropractic care, save patients from needless surgeries, and dangerous medications, but most importantly help our patients live their best life now, their ideal 100 year lifestyle by functioning at 100% optimal health and peak performance, thats Kirar Superior Healthcare, that’s how we change the health of our community one person at a time. 


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